WorthyKids/Ideals and the Museum of the Bible are partnering together to put out some new and creative books.  The Museum of the Bible is one of the newest museums in Washington, D. C., just a few blocks from the Capitol. The Museum of the Bible is an innovative, global, educational institution with the goal of inviting people to engage with the Bible.

The newest additions to this collection are Colors in the Bible and Numbers in the Bible, ideal for little learners.  Both of which Toddler J enjoys.

Colors in the Bible

This colorful book introduces basic colors, and couples that color with a simple sentence referring to a Bible story. For example, “Orange Lions,” is paired with a sentence about Daniel being in the lion’s den. The book also provides a scripture reference for each sentence. Of all the characters used, only one woman is included, Esther.

The first page includes a color and an object. For example, “Yellow Sun.” This is not only helpful when helping children recognize colors, but also when beginning to read.

Numbers in the Bible

The numbers version does the same thing. A number 1-10 is coupled with a simple sentence connecting that number to the Bible. For example, the number 5 is paired with the five smooth stones that David picks up when facing Goliath. Just as in Colors, Numbers provides a scripture reference with each sentence. Also similar to Colors, this board book only includes one female Bible character – Rachel tending nine sheep.

Both books are board books, easy for toddlers to pick up and turn the pages. They both have an orange lion that appears at least once in each to “ask” the children a question. In Numbers, he asks if they can count Rachel’s sheep. Without the lion, the books are still easily interactive. The parent or teacher can ask the children to count the seven priests, or to name/point where they see the color.

I hope that one of the further books will have an alphabet focus.


Thanks to WorthyKids/Ideals, I am able to give away one of each book to a lucky winner. Use the form below to enter. Thanks to the publisher for review copies.


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Thanks to WorthyKids/Ideals I am giving away a copy of "Colors in the Bible" and "Numbers in the Bible". These books are part of the new Museum of the Bible Books collection. Winners must live in the continental US. The more shares on social media will increase your chances of winning.
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