Daddy’s Girl is a new picture book from author Helen Foster James and illustrator Estelle Corke great for children ages 2-5.  Jame’s rhymes make the story of a little girl preparing her tea party approachable for young ears. Corke’s illustrations make use of pink and yellow as the primary colors, ensuring that each page is bright and colorful.

As the little girl, whose accessorizing includes a crown, pearls, and a boa, has tea with her teddy bear and Daddy, she realizes she has more than enough to share with others. She invites other stuffed animals to the tea party.  The story concludes with a father and daughter hug, as the daughter expresses, “I love that you are here.”

No doubt, this children’s book is to reinforce the power of a father active in the life of a daughter, even the girly girl stuff. It may be worth partnering this book with Josh Bledsoe’s Hammer and Nails, another story about a daddy and a daughter spending time together.

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Thanks to WorthyKids/Ideals for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.