babybaby-300x300Baby, Baby! is a sweet, colorful board book filled with babies. Babies are increasing interested in looking at other babies. This book arrived at our house just as Toddler J began saying “baby” when talking about her baby doll or when she sees a baby.

This book was perfect for her.

The short rhyming poem illustrates different things that a baby can do. Wiggle, giggle, wave, etc. A couple of times when we read the book, I’ll ask Toddler J if she can do the same things. We have fun with it.

The colorful images of the babies in the book are inclusive. Thankfully, they are not all white. The end of the book has a mirror, so that the baby or toddler can see him or herself. On that page, the child learns that he or she is loved by God.

The Giveaway

This is a great little book for a child’s library or for the church nursery. You can purchase your own copy by clicking here. Thanks to FlyBy promotions, I am giving away a copy of Baby, Baby!
Update: The winner of this giveaway was Daniel Wray!