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Give the World a Smile

For about 4 more weeks I’m driving from Lynchburg to UVA for CPE.  It’s about an hour drive each way. Most evenings on the drive back to Lynchburg on Route 29, somewhere around entering Nelson County, there is a man standing in the median on the road.  He stands there most evenings when I drive through.  He stands there and when each car, both 29 northbound and southbound, he will face that car, smile, and wave as if he knows each person that is passing him.

Today, I waved and smiled back.

I don’t know why he does this everyday, though I think it would be interesting to talk to him and find out.  But, what a difference he is making everyday! And he’s doing in a no-budget kind of way.  Something so simple, yet so powerful.

What if our churches were more like this man?  Giving the world that passes them by a smile everyday.


  1. I met this gentleman at UVA Medical Center approximately 10 yrs ago and recognized him immediately from my many trips between Charlottesville and N.C. through the years. I jumped at the opportunity to introduce myself and let him know how much his jester of goodwill touched me. He proceeded to share his story, one that I never anticipated.
    I will not go into details as it is his story to share, but if you ever have the opportunity to sit a spell and listen your life will never be the same.

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