fa7edbd0-gb-section-mobilePhil Vischer, one half of the creative team behind VeggieTales, stepped out in faith after loosing his big dream of Big Idea productions and started Jellyfish Labs. Through this new production, he created What’s in the Bible?, which introduced kids to the character Buck Denver.

Buck is the main character in the new film from Jellyfish Labs and Phil Vischer, Galaxy Buck: Mission to Sector 9.  If you are familiar with the What’s in the Bible? series, you will recognize some of the other characters.  Buck works for the “Gospel Galaxy with Pastor Paul” television program in the call center. He spends his day answering telephones, taking orders, and sending out tote bags in exchange for donations.

In his cubicle is a poster “God Wants You to do Big Things.” The poster symbolizes Buck’s desire to do something big for God. He is searching for his real purpose, his vocation, which he feels is much more than answering phones and giving out free tote bags.

It is when a transponder goes down in sector nine, quadrant seven (making Pastor Paul’s program unairable in that region), Buck sees this as an opportunity to do something big for God. He asks Pastor Paul for permission to captain a ship to fix the transponder. He’s been studying using an app on his phone, and needs to lead a mission to complete his final exam.


Pastor Paul is convinced, Buck forms his own crew, and they set out for sector 9, quadrant seven. From the very beginning of this short film, you will notice the innumerable references to Star Trek and Star Wars. “I loved Star Wars as a kid and I watched Star Trek. I thought we could show this faith in action in a galactic way,” Phil Vischer said in an interview with ChristianCinema.com.

It becomes a classic faith journey story from here. Buck learns that his motivational poster may have been giving him a false impression of what God really wanted from him – just him. A wise sage character helps Buck reach this place. In the interview mentioned above with ChristianCinema.com, Phil Vischer talks about moving from communicating what the Bible says to communicating how we live our faith.

He told Jacob Sahms, “I want to get into discipleship. What does it mean to have a mentor, a Yoda? What happens when you take your hands off of the wheel? What happens when you recognize that you are not in charge of yourself or your desires but it’s about God’s heart?”