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Follow Friday: The Golden Girls Reviewed By

I write as a hobby. And from time-to-time, I write about television. And as such, I read blogs about television. I like to read what others think about TV shows that I watch or shows that I’m not watching that I might want to try out. About once a week before I go to bed, I use my iPad to read and search blogs. In one of the weekly rituals, I stumbled upon a blog about the now classic television show The Golden Girls. Yep, the original you got a friend in me Golden Girls.

The blog is called The Golden Girls Reviewed By. Each post is about a different episode of The Golden Girls, reviewed by a particular kind of person. Like a theatre critic, Jane Austen, or the Smoke Monster from Lost. If you are going to recap episodes of The Golden Girls, this is the way to do it. It is written by Robin Hardwick, who graciously agreed to answer a few questions for me about her blog.

Robin mentions that The Golden Girls can suck you in. You forget how good the show was. And having watched a few episodes in my time, I have found it to be true. And if you have ever caught a Golden Girls marathon on television, you know what we’re talking about. Robin’s creativity shines as she reviews/remembers these episodes, one season at a time.



Where did you get the idea for the blog?  How did you come to it?

Golden Girls was in my pop culture lexicon as a classic, but I never watched it in its heyday. As a pop culture enthusiast, I was a bit embarrassed it was something I had never seen.

When I was home sick one day I decided to give it a spin. I watched about sixteen episodes in a row that first day. I know everyone loves it for the nostalgia factor, but I didn’t realize it was legitimately funny. Not corny, but seriously hilarious. There has never been something like it since- a sitcom centered on women’s lives and of that age.

Then there’s the fashion. Oh, the fashion. The eighties was a wonderful and perplexing time for clothing.

What’s your process like?

It’s pretty simple. I take screenshots as I watch each episode and then think about how I want to structure the review. I knew I didn’t want to just recap the events of the show. Most fans have seen every episode multiple times, so they don’t need a play-by-play. I wanted a way to highlight the amazing, ludicrous or unbelievable parts of each episode so it would appeal to someone’s memory of that episode but with a different way of interpreting it.

How do you discern from what perspective you will review the episode?

I try to not over-think it. I have a bank of ‘personalities’ I’d like to use at some time, but I try to see what comes to mind after watching the episode. I also use some things that are relevant to current events that happen around the time I am writing it. It’s a good exercise for me to try out some different ideas and ways of writing that is pretty free-flowing, many of which are more abstract then the typical writing I do.

You can reach Robin on Twitter at @robinhardwick or her “real” blog Robin Hardwick where she writes about television and movies and stuff.


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  2. Golden Girls is the mother of all comedy shows!! Groundbreaking. Funny. Timeless.

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