Like the flip of a switch, a heart attack takes the life of a saint.  Like the flip of a switch, a father leaves  his family.  Like the flip of a switch, one argument leaves a relationship in shattered pieces.  Like the flip of a switch, a car accident leaves a mother paralyzed.  Like the flip of a switch, one loses his/her job.  Like the flip of a switch. . . . .

Like the flip of a switch, life changes.

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

Like the flip of a switch, we are left in darkness.

When the darkness comes in its like looking through a peephole at life, all while knowing there are bright windows to see the light, but we can’t find them.  It becomes a place where it is difficult to find hope, difficult to find peace, difficult to know what to do and where to go.  Mark Lowry (the writer of the song Mary, Did You Know?) once described faith as a flickering light.   We’re trying to remember in the darkness what we saw in the light.

A youth ministry activity that I have done in the past explored how close students feel to the light or to the darkness.  I set up out water color paints, cups of water, paintbrushes and art paper and simply instruct students to paint something that represents how close they feel to either the light or the dark.   The first I time I did this, the students asked to share their paintings.  We did.  And the stories they told were powerful, capturing the eternal struggle between light and darkness.  We talk about what the dark and the light represent in our world and in our lives.   We talk about how quickly the darkness can overpower the light, but also how the light can overpower the darkness.

One example from scripture is the story of Paul’s conversion (Acts 9).  Paul’s story tells us that change is possible.  We can leave the darkness and find the light.  We don’t have to look at life through a peephole.  There is hope.