source: New York Daily News

source: New York Daily News

evil lurked
quietly in the garden.
unseen. unheard. unknown.
as God breathed the breath of life into adamah,
evil slithered in the shadows.

the adamah
became humanity.
muscles, skin, and bones walking around
breathing; sighing; crying;
placed in the beauty of the garden.

yet in perfection,
evil lurked.
and lurked.
and lurked.
into the hearts of humanity.

evil lurked,
as brother killed brother.
out of control,
the waters of grace
were not able to disinfect.

after the rains,
in the days after noah,
humans were bent
toward evil,
sinning against God.

and so, evil lurked.
and lurked
and lurked
and lurks
and lurks.

evil lurks
in the rhetoric
of our politics
and in the slamming
of church doors.

evil lurks
up and down city streets
leaving death in its wake;
in self prompting towers
and in walls of division.

evil lurks and prospers
when love of neighbor
vanishes from our collective psyche;
when we forget to welcome
the stranger among us.

evil is lurking.