Do_You_Believe?_filmAfter the unexpected success of God’s Not Dead at the box-office, Christian movie-makers attempted to capitalize on this success with Do You Believe? 

The film is set in Detroit and is one of those multiple-narratives film (think Crash or Babel). There is the minister who is inspired by the challenging words of a street preacher and his carrying of a large, wooden cross. The minister and his wife take in a runaway, pregnant teenage girl. The church janitor sleeps on a bench so that a homeless mother (Oscar-winner Mira Sorvino) and her child had a warm, safe place to sleep.

The gang members, one of whom absent mindedly ends up in the church during an evening service while running away from the police. Bobby, an EMT, saves a victim from a car accident which results in a lawsuit, him being abandoned by his union, and tense moments with his wife.The victim’s wife hires a lawyer who is anti-religion and is married to a cynical doctor (Sean Astin) who refuses to accept that prayer or miracles are a thing.

The opening of the film introduces all of these characters well. But as it continues to unfold and strives to be the next Crash, it veers into an almost schizophrenic experience. The plots become somewhat disjointed. And, as with all Christian DVDs, the film seems to go out of its way to fire up their base about a variety of issues.

All, however, at the expense of the story.

The storylines all collide at the end of the film with a crash. The anti-religion lawyer is texting while driving, and it causes a car accident. Even the ending seems to be made for the predisposed audience who value a virtuous DVD. The main objection I have with Do You Believe? is that it affirms deeply held beliefs by its target audience, rather than challenge an audience to think about their deeply held beliefs in a meaningful way.

However, if you enjoyed God’s Not Dead, you will enjoy this film. Do You Believe? is much better.

Note: I was given a free sample of Do You Believe DVD by in exchange for an honest review.