devotion: religious worship or observance

John Wesley would often say that he was a man of one book – the Bible.

The devotional series below are ponderings on scripture passages, the lectionary, hymns, and other pieces of our tradition. I invite you to ponder with me.

Advent Ponderings (2013): A series of devotions written by myself and large number of guest bloggers for the season of Advent where we wait and prepare.

The Bible’s Major Players: A glance at some well known and not so known figures from the Bible.

Christmas Ponderings: Reflections on the Christmas season and the birth of Christ.

Easter Ponderings: Reflections on Easter season and what it means to Easter People.

Jesus Said: Devotions based on Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.

Lent Ponderings (2014): A collection of reflections on the Lenten scriptures by myself and a large number of guest bloggers.

Pray: Sometimes we can’t find the words to pray, so we use other people’s words. Here are some of my favorite prayers and a few I’ve written.

Songs We Sing: Ponderings and reflections on various hymns people of faith sing.

The Ten: A look at the most famous collection of laws – The Ten Commandments.

The Yoda Verses: A look at the wisdom literature in the Bible.

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