Comic Review Justice League Vol. 7 Justice League Vol. 7 is written by Geoff Johns and collects Justice League issues #39-46 and Free Comic Book Day 2015: DC Comics Divergence #1.

The Story (aka from the Publisher)

Geoff Johns pits the heroes of the DC universe against the might of Gods in the seventh volume of the best-selling series! The Justice League came together to stop the forces of Darkseid from destroying Earth five years ago. Now the ruler of Apokolips returns, but sets his sites on the world-shattering Anti-Monitor. Will the combined might of the Justice League be enough to protect the Earth from the collateral as Gods fight?

Searching for Purpose

As the graphic novel begins, Wonder Woman recalls being an adolescent girl and discovering something that washed up on shore from the human world. She asks her mother, “What’s out there?” In her narration, Wonder Woman says, “I was searching for something.” The following panels depict an adolescent Aquaman, Green Lantern, Superman, and Batman, all asking a similar question: “What’s out there?”

What the heroes that make up the Justice League have in common is that they all started searching for something. Truth. Adventure. Purpose. Justice.

As war is about to break out between two other worldly beings, it is no wonder that Wonder Woman recalls this search for purpose. It is a search that never really ends. With each new season of life, there is a new sense of searching. Especially when we consider our role in facing the evils and injustices around us.

What Evil Lies Ahead

A war is emerging between Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor. And caught in the middle is all of humanity, as these gods have chosen Earth as their battleground.

All good comics pit the forces of good against the forces of evil. In the more complex comics, the faces of good and evil are not always so black and white. Wonder Woman reflects:

“I don’t understand evil. I’ve asked murderers with my lasso around them why. There are a lot of reasons they give, but none that make any sense.”

Much of this story is narrated by Wonder Woman, a warrior in her own right. As a warrior, she reflects on the implications this war will have on Earth. The Darkseid War puts the Justice League in the uncomfortable spot where none of the options are acceptable. Which will be the lesser of two evils, being enslaved by Darkseid or destroyed by the Anti-Monitor. Is there a third option?

The heroes of the Justice League would press to find a way where Earth doesn’t lose. In this process, Johns gives us some unlikely pairings as they work toward this goal. Superman and Lex Luthor end up in Apokolips, keeping each other alive as they work together. Green Lantern and Batman team up to discover the Anti-Monitor’s origins, but with Batman getting the full benefits of sitting on Metron’s chair.

Comic Review Justice League Vol. 7

Overall, this is a blockbuster. It’s fun, but with a solid story. You reach the end knowing that there is a sequel, and you are still amazed at how it ends. The artwork from Jason Fabok is outstanding.

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