2976491Convergence collects issues #0-8 of Convergence and is written by Jeff King.

The Story (aka from the Publisher)

Once, there were Infinite Earths. Untold timelines. Innumerable Elseworlds. Then there came a Crisis…a Zero Hour…a Flashpoint. Worlds lived. Worlds died. Now they all must fight for their future! The evil alien intelligence known as Brainiac has stolen 50 doomed cities from throughout time and space and brought them to a place beyond the Multiverse—a sentient planet of his own design, a world with the power of a god. As heroes and villains from dozens of worlds battle each other for their very existence, it’s up to a ragtag band of warriors from a slain Earth to put an end to this threat that bends the Multiverse to its will. Reality itself hangs in the balance… This is it! The entire DC Universe from the dawn of time through the New 52 stars in CONVERGENCE — an unprecedented event that brings together your favorite characters from every era and series. Whether familiar or forgotten, none of them will ever be the same!

First Thoughts

I have to be honest. This one was lost on me. I wasn’t – and still not – sure what DC was thinking with this plot. The use of multiple universes converging into one plot line has always been a tricking thing to pull off. And, honestly, I’m not sure if it works.

The idea I get – different eras of the DC heroes clashing under one giant bubble. It’s a simple premise, but it takes too long to get to there. It does, however, manage to pull itself together towards the end.


Redemption is Possible

convergence-1_zps8cfc185eGreen Lantern kills Deimos leaving the fate of the planet Telos and all the heroes (and villains) in danger. Without Deimos and the power of the Time Masters, there was no way to fix the Convergence and restore things to way they were. The planet is now unstable and could destroy the multiverse – which would be bad.

As options are discussed, it is believed that Brainiac (the source of all this drama) could help them. And so, the mastermind behind the Convergence is released and agrees to help. In order for restoration to happen, the first Crisis event still must happen. It is only with this event happening that the multiple universes can be restored. Flash and Supergirl sacrificially return to their reality knowing their fate through Crisis.

Through this act, the universes are restored. All except for Earth-2. But, all is good, because the planet Telos, which has been wiped clean by Brainiac, is now ready for repopulation. The heroes of Earth-2 set out to rebuild and start over on Telos.

The bottom line: It’s just not that good. 

Thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for a digital review copy.