Read Luke 3:1-6.

John the Baptist choose the wilderness as his context for ministry. The wilderness was the place where the Hebrews wandered around for forty years. The wilderness was the place where Jesus was tempted for forty days.  Th wilderness is dangerous and inhospitable. It is barren, rough, and rocky. It is unstructured and chaotic. It is a place of challenges and tests. In the wilderness, John was preparing the way of the One who will refine and redeem.

Susan Mink writes that the wilderness “has long been a metaphor for a place of spiritual trials and transformations.”  The wilderness is the place of  preparation.  The wilderness is where we get ready for the change we are about to make in our lives. The wilderness, then, becomes the starting point for new beginnings and new life.  John’s preaching in the wilderness is an invitation to come out of the wilderness and into a new life, new beginnings.

What does your wilderness look like?  How are you preparing for new life and new beginning in Jesus Christ?

Today, consider your wilderness and journal about how your wilderness is preparing you for the coming Christ.


God of New Beginnings, may your Holy Spirit dwell in us during our wilderness moments.  Prepare us this Advent for the coming Christ Child who makes all things new.  Amen.