People often wonder why we don’t experience miracles like in the days of Jesus.


Yet, it occurs to me that miracles happen through you and I. When we make room in our hearts for the baby boy who would be King, we allow the God of all creation to work through us. And we become the miracle.

Let me share an example.

This past summer our youth group traveled to Richmond for our summer mission trip. Our main project was working with Blandford United Methodist in Petersburg during their Vacation Bible School. Their pastor, Jacob, is a friend of mine and we worked together to make this happen. The church has been in ministry with a nearby trailer park. This particular trailer park receives the most visits from local police. Drug and alcohol abuse is high. The families that live here are below the poverty line, which effects the children’s education.

The week we spent with these children, while at times challenging, was rewarding.

Fast-forward to this fall. One of our church members, Kara, had an epiphany. How awesome would it be, she wondered, if families cleaned out their toys and donated them to children who were in need? We both pondered and brainstormed ideas as to where these donated, gently-used toys could find a new home.

The next day I received an email from Jacob. He sent it out to a bunch of people, explaining what was going on at his church. In fact, he wrote about it on his blog:

The little girl came into church with her two brothers and her two older cousins. I noticed she was shivering, and that her hoodie looked pretty threadbare. The weather has turned for the colder, and it’s only supposed to get worse over the next three months. It struck me suddenly that for all of the work we were doing as a church, that it still felt like we weren’t doing enough. But what could we do when the kids don’t have coats… when suddenly there are dozens of them?

The children who had come to the Vacation Bible School over the summer, like the loaves and fishes, were multiplying. In addition to coats, Jacob and his church collected toys and turkeys. For a few weeks during Advent, families from the trailer park would come to the church and receive the coats, toys, and turkeys.

car loadWe got the word out via emails and Facebook and it was not long before Kara had collected quite a bit of coats and toys. A few days later, I drove to Richmond with my car full of what Kara had collected from families in the church and the community. A few days after that, Jacob and his church handed out those toys to over fifty children!

It was a Christmas miracle, as Jacob preached on Christmas Eve. 

Miracles start with you and I. May we pray this Christmas that we be someone’s miracle.