I wrote this last year to use with my youth group after watching A Charlie Brown Valentine. It was a great discussion about God’s love in our lives.

charlie brown valentine

  1. Have you received many Valentines? Why do we share Valentines?
  2. In the cartoon, Snoopy tries writing Valentines. If Jesus were to write you a Valentine, what would it say?
  3. Read John 3:16-17. What does the Gospel writer say about God’s love?
  4. Charlie Brown finds the little red-haired girl’s pencil, complete with teeth marks. “She’s human!” he yells out. What does it mean to you that Jesus is divine AND human?
  5. Charlie Brown practices how he will give the Valentine to the little red-haired girl. Have you ever practiced how you will talk to another guy or girl?
  6. Have you ever practiced how you might say something to your mom or dad? What about to God?
  7. Charlie Brown hides behind a tree hoping the little red-haired girl will walk by and just happen to take her Valentine. Genesis tells us about the original tree hiders: Adam and Eve. Read Genesis 3:8-10. Why did they hide from God? (they had disobeyed/sinned)
  8. In what ways do we hide from Jesus, hoping he will accept our love? Read Romans 3:21-24. What significant thing does Paul say about God’s love for us? (we all fall short of the glory of God, but God gives grace freely to us through Jesus Christ)
  9. Charlie Brown tries to do things in the classroom to get the little red-haired girl’s attention. In what ways do we try to get Jesus’ attention? Do we need to?
  10. Linus keeps rejecting Sally’s affection and love for him. How do we reject Jesus’ love for us?
  11. If we had a Valentine box for Jesus, what would you put in the box?

An additional activity for your group could be making Valentine’s for those who are sick or homebound.