School Lunches

In Mrs. Flakes’ first grade classroom at Rural Point Elementary, the most embarrassing  thing that could have happened happened. I was sitting in the last desk in my row. I slowly began to feel hot. As my head warmed… Read More


I wrote the following upon reflecting on Psalm 51. I had done everything I could think of to do. It was a warm, sunny day. My six-year-old self left no parts of the rural countryside undiscovered. I had… Read More

The Doorbell

When I was growing up, it was rare that doors were locked. I can remember as a kid roaming around and randomly going into my grandparents’ home next door. No knocking, and certainly no ringing of a doorbell…. Read More

Life of Roux, part 1

Roux:  I have my big purple ball!  My ball makes me happy! Jason: Roux, do you need to go outside? Roux: I like to run around with my big purple ball… Jason: Roux, do you need to go… Read More

No Matter How Simple

One summer in high school during our youth group’s Youth Sunday service I played a duet with my Aunt Polly.  I on the trumpet and she on the organ.  That Sunday was Mr. Paul Krupp’s “Come Back Sunday.”… Read More

Penny’s Rescue

When I was in middle school, a friend of my Dad’s brought a collie to our house.  He had found her on the side of the road, hit by a car.  He took her to the vet.  He… Read More

Stories Printed

This month a new book by Dori Baker, a former seminary professor of mine, is being released.  It is called The Barefoot Way: A Faith Guide for Youth, Young Adults, and the People Who Walk with Them. In… Read More

Finding Voice

I was a freshman in high school.  It was Sunday evening and we were gathered upstairs in the youth room at church.  There was a  handful of us up there seated at various adopted couches.  It was a… Read More

Ms. Clark on Marriage

“Are you getting married?” Ms. Clark quizzingly asked me. “Yes, ma’am,” I answered, “in April.” Ms. Mary Clark has been a LebCamp resident for the last three LebCamps.  I had gone by her home a few days ago… Read More

Teach Me to Pray

Our YG session this Sunday night is going to be on prayer.  The following illustration is a great one that I like a lot.  The author is unknown and I found it in Faith Weaver’s “Jesus the Champion”… Read More

The Engagment

Well, it’s Facebook official.  I’m engaged!  I popped the question to Megan this past Thursday while we were on a mini vacation to Washington D.C.  We had been talking about the trip for over a year and finally… Read More

A WalMart Bench

A few weeks ago my grandparents went to a local Wal-Mart to pick up a few things.  As they entered the store, my grandfather told my grandmother to go and get what she needed, he was going to… Read More


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