Christ is Dead

Holy Saturday

Read Matthew 27:57-66. The stone has been rolled in place. Death has been sealed. And all is silent. The Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday is sometimes quickly breezed over. It is the bridge between the darkness… Read More

It’s Friday, but . . .

Good Friday

All Hope is Gone

Good Friday

the Light that had been sent to the earth was growing dim love had been replaced with hate peace replaced with war the Light had been arrested and dragged away into the night betrayed by a kiss but… Read More

Guest Post: Foot Washing


by Rev. April Casperson Read John 13:1-20. When I read this familiar narrative in John, I’m struck at how the author tells us how Jesus feels, what Jesus does, and how Jesus explains himself. It’s a fascinating glimpse… Read More

Guest Post: An Insightful Question

Holy Week

by Rev. Andrew Taylor-Troutman   Read Matthew 26:6–13. There’s a scene in the baseball movie, Moneyball, where Brad Pitt (as the general manager of a professional baseball team) challenges a room full of veteran scouts by asking repeatedly,… Read More

Palm Sunday: Occupy Jerusalem


Read Matthew 21:1-11. Today is Palm Sunday. It is a joyous and celebratory Sunday as we praise Jesus as the Son of God. We process into the sanctuary with palm branches waving high. It is a special time…. Read More

Jesus Cried

“Jesus cried.” (John 11:35) Someone told me the other day that her husband’s favorite Bible verse was “Jesus cried.” It is known as the shortest verse in the Bible.  It was her husband’s favorite verse because when he… Read More

He Suffered

“Look, my servant will succeed. He will be exalted and lifted very high. Just as many were appalled by you, he too appeared disfigured, inhuman, his appearance unlike that of mortals. (Isaiah 52:13-14, Common English Bible) He was born… Read More

Guest Post: Lost in Suffering

by Erin Davidson  Read Isaiah 50:4-9a. Obedient, loyal and steadfast, they’re all big, meaningful words, words that Jesus embodies.  They’re words for us as humans to strive to live and grow into.  As we move through Lent, we… Read More


Read Romans 8:6-11. Lent is a season of self-reflection. A season of contemplation. It is the Henri Nouwen and Parker Palmer kind of stuff where we examine our hearts and our souls. John Wesley would ask, “How is… Read More

Guest Post: Jesus Grieved

by Rev. Doug Sasser Read John 11:1-45. When I was three, my mother died in an automobile accident.  My father was a college president at the time, and the chairman of his board of directors advised him to… Read More

Guest Post: Lent is Waiting

by Rachel Mastin Read Psalm 130. I have always loved the psalms. No matter where you are in life, you can find yourself in the psalms. And when you find yourself, look next to you, or behind you,… Read More


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