Letters of Love

Read Romans 1:1-7. Christmas cards have been sent and received. Our fridges are cluttered with the picture cards from loved ones. Our mantles are decorated with the Christmas wishes from families. We feel honored to be remembered and… Read More

Are You My Jesus?

Now when John heard in prison about the things the Christ was doing, he sent word by his disciples to Jesus, asking, “Are you the one who is to come, or should we look for another?” (Matthew 11:2-3,… Read More

Guest Post: Go and Tell

Rev. Alan Combs serves as Pastor at Lane Memorial United Methodist Church in Alta Vista, Virginia. Alan keeps a blog on the Lane Memorial site.  Read Matthew 11:2-11. John the Baptist is beginning to wonder what’s up with… Read More

Guest Post: The Waiting Farmer

Rev. Adam Kelchner is the Associate Pastor at Belmont United Methodist Church in Nashville, Tennessee. Adam is a former Bailey Scholar from Randolph-Macon College.  Read James 5:7-10. In a very rural village named Mikundi situated on the western… Read More

Guest Post: Catch What’s Going On

Rev. Lindsey Baynham is the Associate Pastor at Fairfax United Methodist Church. Lindsey blogs at Words of My Mouth. Read Luke 1:46-55. There are certain times in the year where I audibly cry out, “Already?!?” And one that… Read More

No More Fussing

Read Isaiah 35:1-10. When was the last time you got impatient? Was it at the store, standing in that long check-out line? Was it sitting in traffic, wondering why the light is green and nobody is moving? Was… Read More

Repost: Waiting is Hard

This was originally posted on December 9, 2011. I’m reposting as apart of Advent Ponderings.  Waiting is hard. As a child did you get impatient waiting for Christmas morning?  The anticipation of finding out what presents you got… Read More

Guest Post: Make Straight Paths

Randy Timmerman is a graduated Bailey Scholar from Randolph-Macon College and is currently a seminary student at Duke Divinity. Randy’s blog is Messages to Samaria.  Read Matthew 3:1-12 Is everyone ready for Christmas?  I’m certainly not – I’m… Read More

Guest Post: Overflow With Hope

Rev. Jacob Sahms is the pastor at Blandford United Methodist and The Stand United Methodist. Jacob is the Managing Editor at HollywoodJesus.com. His blog is Mustard Seeds.  Read Romans 15:4-13 I love Christmas. I really do. But sometimes,… Read More

Guest Post: When There is Love

Rev. Lisa McGehee is an ordained deacon in the Virginia Annual Conference serving as Minister of Adult Discipleship and Communications at Good Shepherd United Methodist in Henrico, Virginia.  Read Psalm 72.  The theme for the second Sunday of… Read More

A Kingdom of Peace

Read Isaiah 11:1-10 We can all remember where we were when we heard about the terrorist attacks on 9/11. I was walking across campus at Randolph-Macon College. I had an early class that morning and was walking towards… Read More

Wake Up!

Therefore, stay alert! You don’t know what day the Lord is coming. But you understand that if the head of the house knew at what time the thief would come, he would keep alert and wouldn’t allow the thief… Read More


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