New York Mission: 9/11 Memorial

One of the highlights of the mission trip to New York was the expected visit to a 9/11 memorial. A highlight because I had hoped that we would get a chance to visit the 9/11 Memorial at Ground… Read More

New York Mission: Day 7

Fridays on mission trips are often times the hardest. The team members are running low on energy, often due to the lack off sleep, while running high on emotions. Mission trips provide a unquine opportunity for individuals to… Read More

New York Mission: Day 6

Thursday started off a little slow. After getting back from The Lion King late last night, everyone was really tired, which made our devotion/quiet time this morning interesting. Everyone loved the show last night, and got to spend… Read More

New York Mission: Day 5

On Wednesday we got an earlier start to our day. Arriving about an hour earlier than the other days, the group got to work right away. Some continued working in the room with they hung Sheetrock. Today they… Read More

New York Mission: Days 1-4

Saturday morning we loaded up a charter bus and hit the rainy streets of Lynchburg headed for New York. 23 youth, 4 college students, and 11 adults mixed with tiredness and excitement for the adventure that was before… Read More


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