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50 Life Lessons

AAA State of Play recently released an infographic that features some wise advice from some of children’s entertainment’s beloved characters. These inspiring quotes provide some solid life lessons. What I found particularly interesting are the quotes about our past. Whether it is Rafiki from The Lion King or Alice from Alice in Wonderland, some these characters understand that while the past may shape us, it is not our present. Sometimes, to quote a certain ice queen, we need to “Let it go.”

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Quote: Maintaining Committees

from Bishop Robert Schnase’s book Just Say Yes:

Committees Quote

Quote: We Have Done Hard Things


Quote: Prayer-Meeting Christian

Prayer Meeting Xian

Quote: Advent Reminder

Advent Quote

Quote: Proactive Faith

Proactive Faith

Quote: God’s Pen

God's Story

Quote: Words Have Power

Hope Morgan Ward Quote

Quote: Real Democracy

H. Clinton Quote

Quote: Writers Write

Gloria Gaither_Writers Write

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