Let Me In

A few months ago Roux and I spent a few days with Mom in Studley. Roux was hanging out on the back deck.


Hanging out with Roux.

Path of Grace

Read Psalm 121. My family used to have a collie named Penny. She was a rescue. A friend Dad’s found her in a ditch and we adopted her. I loved that dog. She was sweet and kind. She… Read More

The Doorbell

When I was growing up, it was rare that doors were locked. I can remember as a kid roaming around and randomly going into my grandparents’ home next door. No knocking, and certainly no ringing of a doorbell…. Read More

Life of Roux, part 1

Roux:  I have my big purple ball!  My ball makes me happy! Jason: Roux, do you need to go outside? Roux: I like to run around with my big purple ball… Jason: Roux, do you need to go… Read More

Penny’s Rescue

When I was in middle school, a friend of my Dad’s brought a collie to our house.  He had found her on the side of the road, hit by a car.  He took her to the vet.  He… Read More

Because of Lady

I’ve been sitting in my office the past few days working on an adult curriculum for our church’s summer Sunday school.  Our Summer Sunday School program is called “One Church, One Book.”  We’re using Kate DiCamillo’s book Because… Read More


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