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A Prayer for the Church

Today would have been day two of the United Methodist Church’s General Conference. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it has been postponed till 2021. I was recently asked to write a prayer as part of a project offering prayers for each day of the scheduled General Conference.

Here is the prayer:

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“Don’t Put God in a Box”

When I was in high school, our senior high youth group were gathered together up in the youth room on a Sunday night. The group was planning an upcoming Youth Sunday. We were making decisions regarding scripture passages, hymns, and prayers to use. Then, the question was asked, “Who will do the sermon?”

Everyone avoided making eye contact with anyone.

Honestly, I had spent the bulk of the time avoiding eye contact. I was one of the youngest in the room. What did I have to contribute?

Then, from the other end of the table, one of the seniors spoke up and said, “I think Jason should do it.”

It was one of those moments where I was thrilled to be thought of, yet scared to death that they thought of me! I would accept and began working on the “sermon.” When I finished it, I gave it my youth leader to look over. She made some suggestions, among them, “Be careful not to put God in a box.”


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