Follow Friday: She Offered Them Christ

Follow Friday

I took a break from my Follow Friday posts during the season of Lent  . . . .  and then some. I return today with the blog of a dear friend of mine, Sarah Wastella’s She Offered Them… Read More

Follow Friday: The Golden Girls Reviewed By

I write as a hobby. And from time-to-time, I write about television. And as such, I read blogs about television. I like to read what others think about TV shows that I watch or shows that I’m not… Read More

Follow Friday: Andrew Taylor-Troutman

I first met Andrew Taylor-Troutman in a seminary classroom. We were both students at Union-PSCE, now Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond, Virginia. I have this image of Andrew sitting in the chapel in Watts as I preached (if… Read More

Follow Friday: Adam McLane

Adam McLane is one the most prolific youth ministry writers, consultants, and educators out there. Adam is a partner at The Youth Cartel. He blogs at Adam started blogging in May 2004 on Blogspot. But he was… Read More

Follow Friday: Dollar Store Children Sermons

I have a confession. I don’t always come up with my children sermons on my own. I know, I know, what a disappointment. Sometimes, though, the well is just dry! Yeah, there are books and some websites that… Read More

Follow Friday: Wesley Bros

When I was I kid I would always sit down to “read the newspaper,” like I was a little man. But what I was really doing was going straight to the comics section. I couldn’t wait to see… Read More

Follow Friday: Reading with Roo

I love to read. I always have multiple books lying around and in the process of reading them. I was always reading as a kid. I kept up with the Berenstain Bears and Little Critter. As I got… Read More


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