Scandal 1.7: Grant for the People


The first season comes to a close with this seventh episode. In the last episode, we witnessed Billy Chambers, chief of staff to the Vice President, stab the reporter Gideon in the neck with a pair of scissors. This episode opens… Read More

Scandal 1.6: The Trail


We often find ourselves on a trail, tracking down much-needed information to complete a task, to solve a problem, or hosting an event. As a parent, a youth minister, or a teacher, you are following of trail of… Read More

Scandal 1.5: “Crash and Burn”


First Olivia and her associates had to deal with the shock of finding out that Amanda Tanner was pregnant with the President’s baby. Now they have to deal with the shock that Amanda is missing. Huck explains the… Read More

Scandal 1.4: “Enemy of the State”


It is difficult to discern who or what is considered an enemy. Often we think that it is those people or forces who oppress us or others. At times it is those people or forces who stand in… Read More

Scandal 1.3: “Hell Hath No Fury”


“In a case like this, perception is more important than evidence.” Olivia is in go-mode in this third episode, one filled a number of “wow”s. A wealthy CEO of a company that contracts with Olivia’s office, has a… Read More

Scandal 1.2: “Dirty Little Secrets”


This episode’s client-of-the-week is DC’s finest madam. DC police want to their names on her little black book. Olivia and her gladiators are charged with protecting the list, once they find it. And once they find it, they… Read More

Scandal 1.1: Sweet Baby

“We are gladiators in suits.” And the first ever episode of ABC’s Scandal begins. Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) and her gladiators are in the business of fixing other people’s lives. Politicians, American heroes, public figures, and even the President… Read More


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