Scandal 3.5: More Cattle, Less Bull

Got Secrets? The client-of-the-week in this episode is the Democratic congresswoman Josephine Marcus, played by the always brilliant Lisa Kudrow. Last week, we saw her as the President’s biggest critic who got a huge boost in the polls… Read More

Scandal 3.4: Say Hello to My Little Friend

Do you believe in second chances? That seems to be the theme of this week’s episode. At one point or another, almost every character tells someone that mistakes happen and that there are second chances. One of these… Read More

Scandal 3.3: Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington

Mary Nesbitt is a grieving mother. She believes with everything in her body and soul that the FBI unjustly killed her son in a raid. She has struggled to have anyone listen to her. So, she goes to… Read More

Scandal 3.2: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Shonda Rhimes’ drama took a bit of a breather from the action of the last episode. The show slows down to develop the characters in this hot mess they have found themselves in. And Rhimes does so in… Read More

Scandal 3.1: It’s Handled

Season three gets started right where season two ended. As we plunge back into the world of Olivia Pope and the scandal that is arising around her, we hope to uncover answers to questions from last season. Like,… Read More

Scandal 2.22: White Hat’s Back On

With the knowledge that Billy Chambers, the Vice President’s former chief of staff, is the mole, Huck admits that he “hired out” the killing of Chambers to Charlie. Huck: If you want someone killed right, you have to… Read More

Scandal 2.21: Any Questions?

Using the backdrop of Cyrus giving a press conference on Mellie’s unveiling of Fitz’ private life, this episode takes us on another wild ride with Fitz and Olivia and learning who the mole is. The President stayed the… Read More

Scandal 2.20: A Woman Scorned

This week’s episode was crafted perfectly for Olivia and Mellie to show off. Or, rather Kerry Washington as Olivia and Bellamy Young as Mellie show off some acting chops. The two are adversaries¬†in this episode like never before…. Read More

Scandal 2.19: Seven Fifty-two

There is one sure way to pull at the emotional strings of the Scandal audience: Make us feel Huck’s pain. This episode is about Huck and how be became who he is. After getting out that storage container,… Read More

Scandal 2.18: Molly, You in Danger, Girl

Every episode is another “wow” episode. It keeps us on our toes, wondering what will happen next and trying to figure out who is who in this crazy, scandalous, web that is Washington D. C. The President makes… Read More

Scandal 2.17: Snake in the Garden

The Biblical allusions are running amuck in this week’s episode. Theological themes of sin, grace, and forgiveness have always found a place in Scandal. This week, though, the writers did not hold back. The title line belongs to… Read More

Scandal 2.16: Top of the Hour

The Stanner family is preparing for dinner. When the doorbell rings, Dad gives Daughter a $20 for the pizza. But when Daughter opens the door, there is no pizza, just a lawn full of reporters and cameras. Sarah… Read More


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