HIMYM 9.7: No Questions Asked

There has been this awkward chemistry since the season started between the main characters. In this week’s episode it becomes clear what it is. Marshall has been missing. Sure, he’s been in the episodes, on that long road… Read More

HIMYM 8.24

“Something New” is the season finale of the eighth season, and it delivers. Fans who were wondering if we would ever meet the Mother, finally got an affirmative. In “Something Old” Ted was starting to feel like he… Read More

HIMYM 8.23

In “Something Old,” Robin takes her father to a spot in Central Park where as a teen, she buried a locket. One day, she planned, when she lived in New York and meant her future husband, she would… Read More

HIMYM 8.21

The previous episode was the emotional cliff-hanger that HIMYM has become known for. It gripped us to the point that we were anxious to know what was going to happen in those extra 45 days before Ted met… Read More

HIMYM 8.20

“The Time Travelers” has to be one of the better episodes of HIMYM. It combines the creative, funny storytelling with the deeply moving storytelling. Two reasons that make the show what it is. It starts off with Ted… Read More

HIMYM 8.19

Last week’s episode had references to the film Weekend at Bernie’s. This week’s is loaded with references to Superman. “The Fortress” refers to Barney’s apartment. Weeks away from the wedding, Robin and Barney must make some tough decisions…. Read More

HIMYM 8.18

In “Weekend at Barney’s”, Ted plans to bring Jeannette to Barney and Robin’s wedding. In an effort to help him, Barney plans to walk Ted through a number of plays from the infamous Playbook. Yes, the Playbook we… Read More

HIMYM 8.17

“The Ashtray” centers around the appearance of the Captain, a character we haven’t seen in a while since Ted brought it off with the Captain’s ex-wife Zoe. The Captain wants Ted to call him back and Ted thinks… Read More

HIMYM 8.16

“Bad Crazy” just confirms that Ted is his own worse enemy. The only thing holding him back from a committed relationship and finally finding “your mother” is himself. Saturday Night Live‘s Abby Elliot guest stars as Jeanette, who… Read More

HIMYM 8.14

In “Ring Up,” Ted’s new girlfriend is 20 1/2. The gang can already tell that the relationship is doomed. Ted is trying to be someone he is not. Barney encourages Ted to go for it with the 20 year… Read More

HIMYM 8.13

This is it! Maybe because the writers were not sure if the show would get renewed for a 9th season, they delivered a great follow-up to “The Robin.” In this episode, “Band or DJ?”, Robin – as she… Read More

HIMYM 8.11 & 8.12: The Final Page

This is the HIMYM episode I’ve been waiting for. This is the turning point in the series. The show (and Barney) is read to take its commitment seriously. We have been patiently waiting for the proposal since the beginning of season… Read More


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