HIMYM 9.22: The End of the Aisle

I can’t believe it has taken me a week to watch last week’s episode. Barney and Robin finally make it to the end of the aisle, and for that we are thankful. The episode is well crafted, as… Read More

HIMYM 9.21: Gary Blauman

How I Met Your Mother episode recaps season 9

This week’s episode brings us closer to the end of the series. And we are reminded of the overarching theme this show: friendship. A quote by Amanda McRae has been floating around Facebook recently about friendship: The quote… Read More

HIMYM 9.20: Daisy

We finally find out where Lily went when she left the Inn. She and Marshall had just had a huge fight after he accepted a judgeship without talking to her. She stormed off, called someone, got in a… Read More

HIMYM 9.19: Vesuvius

It’s 2024 and Ted and the Mother are at the Farhampton Inn for a romanic weekend. They are both trying to come up with stories that the other one has not heard. Finally Ted tells the story about… Read More

HIMYM 9.18: Rally

It has been three weeks since we’ve had a new HIMYM episode. Barney got wasted, and on his wedding day has a huge hang over. He can’t open his eyes and is non-responsive. The gang tries various different… Read More

HIMYM 9.17: Sunrise

After last week’s 200th episode which was pure gold, this week confirms that we may be over the hum of good-not so good-good-not so good pattern of episodes. “Sunrise” was more HIMYM gold. Ted recalls that his best… Read More

HIMYM 9.16: How Your Mother Met Me

We still  have not witnessed the meeting of Ted and the Mother, but we are getting a lot closer. This 200th episode of HIMYM is by far one of the best and most elegant episodes in years! The… Read More

HIMYM 9.15: Unpause

In episode 18 of season 1, Ted tells us that “nothing good happens after 2 a.m.” So when we see that it is the after 2 a.m. the day before the wedding, we know this cannot be good. There… Read More

HIMYM 9.14: Slapsgiving 3: Slappointment in Slapmarra

It’s Sunday 1AM – 17 hours to go before the wedding. Marshall is in mid-slap about to deliver what has been promised as the slaps of all slaps to Barney. Recall that there is this slap bet that… Read More

HIMYM 9.13: Bass Player Wanted

There is no denying it, season 9 has been a roller coaster. It has had some okay moments and even more not so okay moments. This is an ensemble comedy, but it has not had its whole ensemble…. Read More

HIMYM 9.12: The Rehearsal Dinner

The season is getting promising again. We seem to have been on a bit of a roller coaster ride of awesome episodes followed by a few not so awesome episodes. We can file this one under awesome. The… Read More

HIMYM 9.11: Bedtime Stories

Finally! An episode with Marshall at the center. There is thinking that because Jason Segal did not renew his HIMYM contract until late in the game, that his role as Marshall was in a limited capacity. But here, we have… Read More


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