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Prayer for World AIDS Day

This prayer was used yesterday during worship. World AIDS Day, since 1988, has been December 1 and a day to educate and advocate for those persons living with HIV/AIDS.

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Thy Will Be Done

Last week in our beginnings small group (for college students and 20-somethings), we discussed prayer.  One of the questions we pondered was, “Why would God not answer a prayer?”  As we discussed we began to wonder who from the Bible may have experienced this.

gethsem1One of the college students mentioned Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane.  Jesus has gone to the Garden to find a quiet place to pray.  He knows what is about to happen.  The guards are going to come and arrest him.  He will be put on trial and convicted.  He had talked about that night during the Passover meal.

But, here, in the stillness of the garden he prays for this cup – the role he is about to play in the salvation history of humanity – to pass from him.  We can all imagine that the pain of the next day would be too much to bear.  Yet, we are reminded that Jesus is a man of prayer.  Continue reading

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