The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls: Journey to Jericho, M. J. Thomas, Worthykids/Ideals, 2018.

Peter and Mary return in the fourth book in the Secret of the Hidden Scrolls series. In this adventure, the children learn that Great Uncle Solomon used to be a spy during the war. Their uncle teaches them a few things about being a spy.

Mary and Peter’s adventure takes them to the days of Joshua, just before he leads the Hebrew people to march around Jericho. Like in the other books, the children have to solve the secret of the hidden scroll to return home.

The children use their new spy skills to help Joshua.

They meet Rahab, who helps the spies hide from the guards. Thomas is careful not to state Rahab’s occupation. Though I was pleased to see her included in the series. It is easy to make Joshua the hero of the story, but Rahab plays an important role. If Rahab had not helped the spies, things could have turned out very differently. Plus, Rahab plays a role in the genealogy of Jesus (see Matthew 1). She is one of only four women mentioned in the genealogy.

The book offers a lot of fun with the spy connection. It also provides an opportunity for a lot of good conversation. There is a discussion guide over on The Storybook Project which can be used at home, in the classroom or in children’s ministry.  Click here to see it. 

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