Watch: Wide-Awake Faith in a World Fast Asleep, Rick James, NavPress, 2016.

It is rare for me to start a book and not finish it. I started, and did not finish, this book twice. I’ll explain in a bit.

Rick James, a former ad-agency art director, who has a long engagement in collegiate ministry, sets out wake up sleeping Christians. Using the Gethsemane scene in the gospels where Jesus goes off to pray, returning only to find his disciples asleep. Jesus’ advice to them was to stay awake, or alert.

Sage advice for Christians today.

In eleven lengthy. and at times rambling, chapters, James sets out to share with the sleeping Christian that one can only discern God’s will in life if awake. His use of illustrations, including movies and various people, are rich in themselves. Yet, in the context of his writing, seems to hide James’ voice.

I found myself unable to finish the book, as I mentioned, twice. This is rare for me. I was not able to connect with the writing. At times James would make far-reaching general statements that bordered on being offensive. Particularity at times when he discussed the Catholic faith.

At other times, it was hard to read because so much of the writing was about himself.  While it appears that James has had vast amount of experiences in ministry, including opening his home to those with drug addictions. But, I found a little more humility would have been made it a little bit readable.

Thanks to Tyndale Blog Network for a review copy.