Wade’s Wiggly Antlers, Louise Bradford, Kids Can Press, 2017

Wade is a young moose who enjoys playing with his friends. One day, while playing, his antlers begin to feel a little wiggly. When the wiggle doesn’t stop, Wade hurries home to his mother, who reminds him that he will loose his antlers, but new ones will grow.

Change happens.

Even though Wade and his mother had talked about the change that Wade would experience, he is still worried about it. He chooses not to play with his friends in an effort to keep his antlers. Then, once he looses them, he feels freer. He is able to do things he was not able to do before, like win at hide and seek.

While Wade does enjoy not having antlers, his new ones come. When they do, they are bigger than his old antlers, and there is a sense of healthy pride in Wade.

We cannot deny it. Change is a part of the created order.

For a child, change to their body can be scary. In comes in the form of loosing teeth and maturing. Even when they are told not to worry, they do worry. Wade and his wiggly antlers provide parents and educators a conversation starter. It is not a hard stretch to see the parallels to the child’s life. The lesson is delivered with great care and sympathy by Louise Bradford and illustrator Chrstine Battuz.

A perfect picture book for children ages 4-8.

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