YouAreTwo_cover_v2_150901.inddYou Are Two, Sara O’Leary, Owlkids Books, 2016. 

At our house, we are inching closer with each passing day to 2-year-old status. This stage of life is most often referred to as the “terrible twos.” The days are filled with the struggle of telling a toddler “No,” while the toddler continues to do it. Or, brief, random moments of fussy and kicking when the toddler does not get what they want. Then, there is the constant refrain, “Mine.”

The twos can be quite terrible.

Sara O’Leary’s new book, You Are Two, accompanied by illustrations from Karen Klassen, takes a more positive look at being two. Instead of focusing on the kicking and screaming, this little book highlights all the great things that are happening with a two-year-old.  They aren’t just walking, they are running. They are using their own spoons and saying words.

My favorite is the line, “Wherever you go, your baby goes, too.” This is coupled with a picture of a child in the bathtub, not with a baby doll, but with a T Rex. At our house, every toy is a baby! From a tiny Tinkerbell to a Batman action figure, to Toddler J, they are all babies that need to be cuddled and rocked. And never left alone.

The illustrations have a vintage feel to them, but are not so old-school that children are disengaged. The pictures are diverse, with a different child on each spread, depicting the wide range of diversity in toddlerhood.

You Are Two is true in so many ways, relatable for both the child and the parent. It is a reminder that while two is active and vocal, two is also compassionate and creative.

And determined.

It is a nice reminder to parents that two is human, with all the complexities and dignities of humanity.

“Now that you are two, you are learning about yesterday, today, and tomorrow. You are forming memories and making plans.”

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Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a digital review copy.