the_thing_lou_couldn_t_doThe Thing Lou Couldn’t Do, Ashley Spires, Kids Can Press, 2017.

Lou is a brave girl who is afraid of very little. She will do anything!

Well, almost anything.

When her friends choose to climb a tree, Lou isn’t so sure. She is scared and uncertain. In addition, she is concerned that her friends will think differently of her because she’s not climbing the tree.

Even though she makes up some pretty fun excuses, her friends never mock or make fun of her. Lou decides on her own to join her friends by watching them have fun. She decides to try to climb the tree.

Patiently Try

Lou decides to try, and that’s why she does. She fails at climbing the tree at first. But she still tries, and she doesn’t give up. For children (and adults) there is often an anxiety-inducing fear of trying new things.

Lou’s story reminds children that they can take their time in deciding to try something new. And it reminds children to be patient with their friends who are a little unsure.

The Thing Lou Couldn’t Do is scheduled to be released May 2017.

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