31423679Stop Feeding’ da Boids!, James Sage, Kids Can Press, 2017

Swanda is new to Brooklyn. If you have ever been to Brooklyn, you will know that it is full of diversity, thick accents, and pigeons. Lots and lots of pigeons. Swanda, a compassionate little girl, sets up some feeding stations on her fire escape to feed the birds.

And it works. The birds come!

Things get a little chaotic on the city block with all the birds. The cooing assembly leaves their mark on the sidewalks and neighbors. The reality of what is happening reveals itself in a double-page spread featuring the amazing talent of illustrator Pierre Pratt. In vibrant pastels the reader is faced with an array of birds, feathers, and round, yellow eyes against the accents of the fast-moving city life.

The Brooklyn residents from men with beards and women in hair rollers to Rastafarians and Hasidic Jews, call out to Swanda. In one booming, local dialect voice they call, “SWANDA, YOU GOTTA STOP FEEDIN’ DA BOIDS!”

The main character of this book is Brooklyn. It offers a tribute to a marvelous city, with lots of character.  Pratt’s drawings only adds to this tribute. Depending on where they live, children ages 4-8 will encounter a dialect different from their own, which may be something they are not used to.

Stop Feedin’ da Boids! welcomes to be read out loud.

An explanation of why people living in the same country would have different sounds is warranted. Without the explanation and conversation, the story could be used to make fun of others. This is not the intent of the book. The adult who reads it, needs to do in the spirit of celebrating diversity.

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