A Stick Until . . . , Constance Anderson, Star Bright Books, 2017.

The story starts off quite simply with a stick. From here, we see the many different ways a stick can be used by various animals. A stick is a fly swatter. It is a gift and a toy.

A stick is a stick until it is not.

This clever children’s book shows children that something as simple as a stick can be used in creative and innovative ways. The colorful illustrations are a great addition.  Plus they provide a discussion starter for the parent and child or teacher and student.

Anderson’s art is the story.

In addition to the story, A Stick Until. . .  includes factual statements that explain what the animals are doing in the illustrations. In this way, it is an educational tool giving children a glimpse into science. As such, this book caters to a wide range of ages.

This book would be a great starting point for the parent or teacher to encourage children to imagine what they would do with a stick or what other common items might have various purposes.