Be a Star, Wonder Woman!, Michael Dahl, Capstone Young Readers, 2017.

Ever since I first read Bedtime for Batman to Toddler J, it has become a nightly ritual. After Good Morning, Superman, my hopes of a little girl version of these superhero books would become a reality. Michael Dahl delivers in Be a Star, Wonder Woman!

The sun has risen, and now it is time to get ready for school. The little girl in the story book uses her superpowers of being prepared, kind, brave, honest, and strong to make the day a great one! Just as with Batman and Superman, this little girl’s day mirrors a day in the life of Wonder Woman. As Wonder Woman fights off monsters, the little girl uses problem solving skills to master monster situations.

Just like in Dahl’s other two superhero books, the illustrations are bright and colorful. In addition, they show a wide range of ethnicities in the children.

I appreciate the father-daughter dynamic in the story. It is the father who assists his daughter in getting ready for school, and it is the father who picks her from school. And I appreciate having a superhero book in this series that focuses on a little girl. I’m hoping that Dahl will continue these books, and to continue including girls.

Toddler J requested multiple readings in the first seating, a sure sign of her approval. It looks like Batman may have some competition.

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Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a digital review copy.