stanleyatschool25439356Stanley at School, Linda Bailey, Kids Can Press, 2015.

This is a fun little book about a dog named Stanley who is curious about what the kids do in school. He asks his dog friends at the park, but they do not anymore than he does. He convinces them to join him in breaching the school doors. And what could go wrong with four dogs in an elementary school?

Bill Slavin’s illustrations are perfect for the story. They are colorful, fun, and engaging. The illustrations, like all good illustrations, help tell the story. These are no different. The bright pictures reinforce how Stanley and his friends drive the story. In fact, you do not hear a human speak until the custodian, with his broom in hand, says, “Bad dogs.”

In the story, the dogs relate to the kids. No wonder the kids go to school everyday, they reason, after all they fun that they had. And easily, kids reading this book will relate to the dogs. They share a similar spirit of curiosity and adventure. No doubt the children will relate to the dogs, and will feel that school is indeed a special place to be.

While this is the sixth book in the Stanley the dog series, this is my first exposure to Stanley. The book is filled with really great humor. Enough so to raise my own curiosity about the other Stanley books.

Stanley and friends

This is a fun book that preschool and elementary children should enjoy. It is a story of curiosity and grace, when that curiosity may lead us down a path where our paths get red with paint.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a digital review copy.