Squirrel Me Timbers Squirrel Me Timbers, Louise Pigott, Capstone Young Readers, 2016.

Ahoy, mateys! 

This fun book for children ages 3-6 from author and illustrator Louise Pigott, is a joy and delight! The main character is a squirrel and a pirate! The story has a nice rhythm and rhyme to it, making it enjoyable for children younger than 3 to listen to.

Sammy the squirrel sets out to discover the buried treasure of endless acorns (he is a squirrel, after all).

“Sammy the squirrel dreams of sailing the seas as a pirate. So when he finds a treasure map, he can’t believe his luck! X marks the spot for HUNDREDS OF NUTS! Set sail for adventure . . . and discover how exciting a pirate’s life can be!”

Sammy’s inner pirate comes out as he goes on a pilgrimage in search for the acorns. Along the way, as in every great journey story, Sammy encounters various obstacles along the way. Spiky thistles, a crocodile, a smelly boot, and a haunted swamp attempt to keep Sammy from his treasure.

At last he reaches the spot, but it’s not quite what it expects. Where is the treasure?

The illustrations are amazing. The words of the story become part of the illustration. This is one of those books that parents will find themselves reading multiple times, and it won’t be a burden.

I read it to Baby J, and during the crocodile part, she started laughing and interacting with the story. Best of all, the story reminds readers of all ages, that not everything is as it seems. You travel over land and sea to reach the desired treasure you have been searching, only to discover it is not what or where you expected it. But, we don’t stop seeking.

Squirrel Me Timbers will be released on April 1, 2016. Click on the image below to purchase your own copy:

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a digital review copy.