SPORK COVERSpork, Kyo Maclear, Kids Can Press, 2017.

It has been a long time coming, but it has finally happened: The spork is getting its recognition.

This fun, colorful book tells the story of young Spork.  Spork’s mother is a spoon and his father is a fork. This makes Spork different from the other kids. He does not fit in with the spoons and he does not fit in with the forks.

This makes Spork sad.

It is not until an occasion arrives when a fork or a spoon will not do. There was a need for “something that was neither spoon nor fork but a bit of both.” The arrival of a baby in the house gives Spork a new-found purpose.

Room at the Table

“And that’s how Spork finally and happily found his way to the table.”

Spork is different from the other cultinary in the kitchen. As such, there never seems to be room at the table for him. He is left out because he is different. Children of any age will be able to relate to that. Whatever their differences may be, children are sensitive to the reality that they are treated differently because they seem different.

Yet, we are reminded that Christ built a long, wide table. All, as we say in our communion liturgy, are welcome to the Table. From the tax collector to the woman caught in adultery, there was room for those who were different. And there is a place in the Kingdom work that is to be done for everyone.

There’s a Job for You

spork4Spork was able to do what none of the spoons or forks were able to do: help feed the baby. Isabelle Arsenault’s illustrations bring to life the messiness of the baby eating. Spork is the only one willing to enter into the messiness of life.

The Apostle Paul writes about the importance of many parts and one body. As the Body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12), we are all involved and engaged in Kingdom work, no matter how messy it gets. Yet we each have a job that is unique to our skill sets.

 Spork is a good reminder for children (and adults) that when they feel so different that there is no place for them, that indeed, there is a place for them. In the Body of Christ, there is room for everyone, for everyone is needed in the Kingdom.

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