Sock MonsterSock Monster, Stacey R. Campbell, Green Darner Press, 2016.

Little Billy is a typical small child. He does not want to pick up after himself. When told he needs to pick up his laundry, he decides to hide the clothing under or in various parts of his room. In an effort to help Billy learn to clean up, his mother tells him a bedtime story about the Sock Monster.

Sock Monster is comical, at best. While there are elements of this story that could be scary for some children, Elizabeth Thieme’s illustrations remind the child and the parent that this is a fun story.

Thieme’s drawings are a perfect fit with Campbell’s story. The pictures are colorful and friendly.  It will surely gets laugh when the Sock Monster starts putting on found pieces of clothing in random places.

The mother’s story motivates Billy to clean up his dirty laundry.  Which is, of course, the point of the book. It is a cute story that aims at motivating its little readers in cleaning up after themselves.

The end of the book is great. The final page, in fact, will bring a smile to any parent. It seems there is someone else in the family who needs a lesson in picking up dirty laundry.

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