The Prayer Box, Jennifer Berry, Dog Ear Publishing, 2017.

Rosetta is a little girl who enjoys spending time with her mother. One day, her mother tells her about the little box that sits on her dresser. It is her prayer box.

Rosetta learns that prayer is a way of talking with God.

But, she is curious about what prayers her mother has put in her prayer box. Eventually, curiosity gets the best of her, and she peeks inside. She is surprised to find that none of the prayers in the box are for her.

She is disappointed.

When her mother realizes this, she explains that her prayers for Rosetta were answered when Rosetta was born. It’s a beautiful way to talk about the birth of a child being an answer to prayer.

And the book is great as a discussion starter with children about prayer. An activity for children could be to make their own prayer boxes, or to make a family prayer box. (Pinterest has a few ideas.)

Overall, this is a great little book for home or church to talk with kids about prayer. The illustrations are bright and colorful.

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