1771471506What Noise Do I Make?, Brian McLachlan, Owlkids Books, 2016.

We know that dogs say woof and cats say meow. But what about an ostrich or a peacock?

What Noise Do I Make? comes from the research and imagination of Canadian cartoonist Brian McLachlan.  This engaging and interactive book introduces young readers to an wide range of animals and the sounds they make.

Not to mention plenty of humor.

The simple concept is skillfully and hilariously executed with phonetic spelling, hand-lettered sound effects, expressive line work, and offbeat color choices. Subtle gags for the preschool set are woven through the pages: animals with mistaken voice identities, a silent giraffe, and a group of primates going wild. The last spread – a city scene – shows that humans make plenty of noises, too. (from the publisher)

Toddler J and I had a great time with this book. There was plenty of laughter from both of us. It has been recommended that What Noise Do I Make? is for children ages 1-3,  pre-K and K children will have a great time with this as well.

What Noise Do I Make? encourages the children to use their imaginations.

This would be a great addition to any  preschool classroom. What Noise Do I Make? could be used in a unit on animals or on sounds. A field trip to a local zoo or farm would enhance the experience of hearing the different sounds animals make. McLachlan’s fun, creative art could be the

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Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a digital review copy.