mr_king_s_machine_0Mr. King’s Machine, Geneviève Côté, Kids Can Press, 2016

“The divine presence of the Spirit in creation binds us as human beings together with all created life.” (World Council of Churches, 1991)

This little book from Geneviève Côte, the third in the Mr. King series of books, has a simple message: Care for creation.

When the cat, Mr. King, discovers some beautiful flowers have been chewed by a caterpillar, he decides to do something about it. His solution is to build a Caterpillar-Catcher machine to track down the flower-eater.

His machine creates a lot of “VOOM! VOOM! VOOM!” Also known as pollution. The other animals around Mr. King aren’t all that happy about it. The machine, they try to tell the cat, is making things worse. His friends are finally able to help Mr. King learn a valuable lesson about caring for the environment.

The illustrations are colorful, fun, and engaging. It’s a great book for young readers and young listeners.

From a faith perspective, Mr. King’s Machine reminds us that we are servants and stewards of creation. As the World Council of Churches stated in 1991:

We are called to approach creation in humility, with reverence, respect and compassion, and to work for the mending and healing of creation as a foretaste and pointer to the final gathering up of all things in Christ.

This book is a great way to begin a conversation with children about the unintended consequences some of our well-meaning actions have on the planet. In an educational setting, this would be great if coupled with Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax. 

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Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a digital review copy.