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Book Review: Max the Brave

Max the BraveMax the Brave, Ed Vere, Sourcebooks Jabberwocky, 2015. 

Max is a little, black kitten who decides he no longer wants to wear bows and look sweet. He wants to be Max the Brave!

To show his bravery, he sets out to chase a mouse. There’s only one problem. Max doesn’t know what a mouse looks like.

What unfolds is a hilarious picture book featuring the incredible art of Ed Vere.  In the style of Are You My Mother?, Max goes from animal to animal asking them if they are Mouse. Each animal points Max in the direction they last saw Mouse go.

Eventually, Max comes across Mouse, but not knowing what a mouse looks like, Mouse is able to trick Max. Mouse the trickster convinces Max that he is a monster and the monster is a mouse.

Max discerns to turn away from his dream to be a brave, chaser of mice.

Instead, he decides he will chase monsters.

The story, told in short, simple sentences,

The story is told in short, simple sentences, with the illustrations being the bearer of the story. There is a solid amount of repetition, which is nice for reading a story aloud. The bright, color-filled pages with the contracting illustrations look like construction paper cutouts and are appealing to children. Toddler J loves the Max books! This would be a great addition to any preschool through second grader’s library, classroom, or children’s ministry setting.

You can purchase your own copy by clicking on the image below:

Thanks to the publisher for providing a free copy for review.


  1. Great review! I sent it on to some family cat lovers. Perhaps more ageless than we might think!

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