Liam Takes a Stand, Troy Wilson, Owlkids Books, 2017.

Liam loves his older brothers, Lister and Lester. The brothers are twins who are competitive with one another. They strive to outdo the other.

Liam, however, just wants to play.

Liam wants to be with his brothers so badly, that when they each open their own lemonade stand, he offers to work for them. Even for free. But his brothers reject his offer.

Instead, Liam takes on various odd jobs in the community, from walking dogs to cutting grass. When Mrs. Redmond pays him with a basket of apples, it inspires an innovative idea. While his older brothers were trying to attract larger crowds, Liam opens an apple juice stand.

Pretty soon, Liam’s stand takes all of his brother’s business, and they go into debt. They end up coming to their little brother asking for a job. Liam hires them to work and to play.

Relationships Matter

Troy Wilson’s story, with illustrations from Josh Holinaty, is about hard work and innovation. More importantly, it is a reminder that relationships matter. It is easy to get caught up in the maintenance of work and life – even in the church. When this happens, relationships tend to suffer.

Liam takes a stand when he brokers a deal with his brother to mix business with quality time. His stand is to strengthen his relationships with his brothers.

Overall, this is a fun book to read aloud with fun, colorful illustrations from Holinaty.

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