We Just Had a Baby_coverWe Just Had a Baby, Stephen Kresnky, Capstone Young Readers, 2016.

When a newborn baby comes home, it’s an adjustment for everyone. For Mom, Dad, the pet, and especially the older sibling. It has been found to be helpful to read books about new babies to young children before the baby arrives. It helps give them the language to help talk about the new baby.

When these changes take place, it can be difficult for the older sibling, especially if she or he is a toddler, to express the emotions around having a younger sibling. What makes We Just Had a Baby different from other books similar to it, is that the book is told from the perspective of a toddler. The language is appropriate for children ages two to five, and is clever and funny in its depiction of a toddler’s point of view.

The situations that the older brother finds himself in are realistic. The baby is fussed over when her diaper needs changing, but he is “way ahead of her,” using the toilet already. She only drinks milk, but he can eat ice cream and pizza. Big Brother reaches the place where he realizes that he can teach his little sister a few things. Like splashing in the tub, playing peek-a-boo, and making new sounds. Big Brother moves through the emotions of jealousy, bewilderment, and joy.

He comes to realize that he is not being forgotten. The baby is theirs, another member of the family, and he as the big brother has an important role to fulfill.

The illustrations by Amelie Graux are incredible. The faces are expressive. Each page is filled with bright, welcoming colors. There is very little, if any, white space.

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