9781940842134-sm01_page_02Gracie Meets a Ghost, Keiko Sena, Museyon Inc, 2016. 

Gracie is a rabbit who has trouble seeing, and as such has to wear glasses. When she and her friends out to play, she looses her glasses. Oddly, she makes it all the way home before realizing that she has lost them. She heads out to retrace her steps through the woods, in the dark, to find her glasses.

As she walks through the woods, she thinks she sees her glasses, but they turn out to be other creatures living in the woods. A ghost, unnoticed by Gracie, decides to have some fun and scare the rabbit.

But, Gracie can’t see very well without her glasses.

The ghost’s attempts are futile. Instead, he helps the nearly blind rabbit find her glasses, in exchange for the hope that he will be able to scare her once she can see him. Unfortunately, once the glasses are found, the sun begins coming up, and the ghost cannot be seen in the daylight. It leaves Gracie wondering who the kind stranger was who helped her. “I was very lucky to meet him,” she says, as she heads back home, “I’ll thank him if I see him again.”

Originally published in Japan in 1975, Gracie Meets a Ghost is a cute, funny little book. This comical story does not provide much of a “lesson” like many children’s book. But, I think that’s okay. Sometimes, you just need a fun book to read.

However, Gracie loosing her glasses does prompt the parent or the teacher to have a conversation with their children about other children who where glasses. It will help children understand why they or others need glasses.

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