When God Made You, Matthew Paul Turner, Waterbrook, 2017.

Turner’s book, with bright and engaging illustrations from David Catrow, brilliantly connects being an individual with being loved by God. The book has extra emphasis on God-given gifts and using those gifts.

At times the text of the poem may be too much for a three-year-old. But with a parent’s help, meaning can be found. Children ages three to seven will enjoy this book. This would make a great addition to the resource bag for any Christian educator or Sunday school teacher.

There are great lines from Turner like:

“An exclusive design/one God refined.”

“God smiles and here’s why – in the spark of your eye/a familiar reflection shines bright from inside.”

Catrow’s illustrations are a story in themselves. The main character is an African-American girl who comes upon a quiet, lonely looking person in the park. She uses her creativity and paints. She uses her God-given gifts to bring joy to someone else.


Teachable Moments

The book reinforces a theology of love, in particular loving one another. Because we are loved by God, we love others.  (1 John 4:19) There is great diversity in this book, which is an affirmation that God created and loves all children. The use of creativity by the main character and the writer-artist combo affirms any child’s sense of creativity.

This is a great book that I enjoyed. In fact, a toddler I know may find it under the tree in a few weeks.

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Thanks to Blogging for Books and the publisher for a review copy.