Captain Monty Takes the Plunge, Jennifer Mook-Sang, Kids Can Press, 2017.

In this fun children’s book, Monty the Malodorous has a well-kept secret. He cannot swim.

To hide his secret, Monty declares that “Real pirates don’t bathe! Yar-har-har!”

But the not taking a bath thing catches up with him. Monthy falls in love with Meg the mermaid. It is Meg who tells him, “You’re a real nice pirate, Monty, but you smell like stinky boots.” Monty begins to consider rethinking his avoidance of contact with water.

His pondering is interrupted when a giant octopus kidnaps Meg. Faced with choosing between obeying his fear or listening to love, Monty has a choice to make. What will he do?

Monty is a fox illustrated in calm watercolors. Meg, on the other hand, is dark-skinned and often seen with a book. The two make an odd couple.

Facing Fears

This picture book for children ages four to seven is a great story about facing your fears. The fear of swimming or water can be easily substituted with another fear of a child’s. Monty’s example of taking the plunge and facing his fear is a great conversation starter to talk with children about how they can face their fears. 

This is a fun book for any child’s home library or for the classroom.

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Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a digital review copy.