Read 2 Samuel 7:18-29.

Waiting is hard to do.  And, we do a lot of waiting.  We wait in line at Starbucks.  We wait for test grades to come back.  We wait to hear if we were accepted at the college of our choice.  Or maybe we’re waiting for our parents to stop fighting, an addiction to find an end, or a friend to be a friend again.

God has promised us that no matter what we go through, God will always be with us.  God made a promise to David that a new “house” or temple will be built.  In David’s prayer, he gives thanks but also asks God to fulfill God’s promise.

During this season of waiting, where do you need God to move?   Today write your own prayer asking God to fulfill God’s promises in your life.  Don’t be afraid to be as bold as David was in his prayer.